What is FIS ?

FIS Management comprises a group of Professional Mortgage Consultants whose mission is to help property owners overcome the biggest challenge – fluctuating interest rates. Established since 2006, FIS Management has worked together with many of the most successful individuals and institutions in Malaysia. At FIS Management, we will help you make smart decisions about all aspects of your financial life—from building an investment or estate plan to buying a property or insurance. The financial program we develop for you is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals and secure your family’s future.

We cater to the financial needs of all individuals. FIS Management’s unbiased advice for the best solutions in settling mortgage loans at its minimal interest and within the shortest time frame helps to turn liabilities into assets for you to achieve financial freedom quickly.

Our Vision

Help every family overcome the continuous challenges of BLR/BR fluctuate.

To be the first choice for any individual seeking financial advice.

What We Do

We provide individual and institutional borrowers with safe, dependable and rewarding mortgage loan optimization solutions with our top-notch quality advisory service.

Our Mission

Creating awareness on the impact of BLR / BR fluctuation on interest payable and loan tenure.

Providing professional financial advice in our client’s best interest

Building the trust of our clients through strict compliance with the law with regards to our services.