Buying a property is an exciting event, probably be the biggest purchase ever make.

However, understand your housing loan will help you save time, save money and avoid from uncertainty & anxiety

About The Services We Provide

Loan Analysis

Did you know, your mortgage loan might have hidden risk even paid according to Letter of Offer?


There is no one solution suitable for everyone. We take every clients case seriously & advice accordingly.

FIS Solutions

We help clients optimize their mortgage loan, saving on interest & tenure with accuracy.

What Our Happy Clients Say

We have over ten years of experience with mortgage interest savings.

Mr Kong Shi Wei

FIS 30% is one of the most innovation products that I have come across in the last 20 years. Cause I got too many housing loan.Luckily FIS services provide solution for me to handle.

Mr Dajipemeran

I appreciate good customer service . I’m glad that FIS Advisor has given me the best service so far . So I decided bring more customer for FIS center . Thank You FIS Management Sdn Bhd.

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