We are the mortgage loan specialist who can help you to manage your loan smartly and wisely

Buying a property is an exciting event, probably the biggest purchase ever made in your life.

However, understanding the steps involved in securing a housing loan to avoid uncertainties and anxiety will help you to save time and huge savings of your hard earned money.

1. Never Ending Housing Loan Installments?

2. After paying promptly for 5 years or more you realise your outstanding balance is NOT reducing, but INCREASING ?

3. Not knowing how much interest or principle paid to the bank, which may jeopardize your investment?

what is fis?

FIS Management comprises a team of Professional Mortgage Consultants whose mission is to help property owners overcome the biggest challenge – Fluctuating Interest Rates.

Established since 2006, FIS Management has worked together with many of the most successful individuals and institutions in Malaysia.

At FIS Management, we will help you make smart decisions about managing your mortgage loan interest. The financial program we develop for you is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, secure your family’s future and financial needs.

About our service?

Loan Analysis

Did you know, your mortgage loan might have hidden risk even though paid according to
The Letter of Offer from Bank

1 TO 1 Consultations

We take every clients case seriously & advice them accordingly.

1 to 1 Consultations

We take every clients case seriously & advice them accordingly.


We help clients optimize their mortgage loan by saving on interest & shorten the tenure with 99% accuracy.

With our proven formula we can help reduce loan tenure and interest saving up to 75%.


why choose us?

Our Vision

Help every family overcome the continuous challenges of BLR/BR fluctuation.
To be the first choice for any individual seeking mortgage advice.

What We Do

We provide individual and institutional borrowers with safe, reliable mortgage interest saving solutions with our top-notch quality advisory service.

Our Mission

Creating awareness on the impact of BLR / BR fluctuation on interest payable and loan tenure.
Providing professional financial advice in our clients best interest.





During your loan tenure, there will be many uncertainties. Examples: BLR/BR fluctuations, delay in payment. Can you be rest assured that your outstanding balance will be reduced?

Generally, borrowers would benefit in terms of lesser interest charged and shorter loan tenure. But you may not know precisely how much of the interest charges will be reduced nor when will the loan mature. Whenever BLR/BR increases, with the same monthly installment the loan tenure will be extended. A mere 0.25% p.a. increase in BLR/BR may extend the loan tenure by 6 months to 30 months, depending on the remaining loan tenure.

Normally, lenders will reduce the borrower’s monthly installment. But the loan tenure may remain or be extended in some cases. Are you one of them? We have the solution to your “problems”. By using a mathematical methodology, we can reduce loan tenure subject to terms and conditions.

Currently, BLR/BR is on an uptrend. For those whose monthly installment have remained the same for the last 12 months, do not celebrate! There is a high possibility that your loan tenure has been extended.

FIS-50 is a report that enables customers to slash up to 50% off the mortgage loan interest and its tenure regardless of their current or future property loan. Ultimately, it protects you from the dramatic fluctuations of BLR/BR. This is not refinancing, restructuring or similar services by lending institutions.

Provided all recommendation are followed, FIS-50 has an accuracy rate of 99% in helping customers reduce their mortgage loan interest and tenure.

Without a proper interest rate risk management, any payment done previously or in future could be in vain due to rising interest rate, default rate or insufficient payment and many other uncertainties. This could lead to loan tenure being extended and never-ending loan payments.

FIS ensure results despite BLR/BR fluctuations.

Other private companies that provide Mortgage Reduction may not guarantee accuracy due to BLR fluctuations which may result in an extension to your loan tenure and increase in interest. BLR management on the other hand, guarantees results despite BLR fluctuations.

Increase in BLR may result in an extended period of repayment unlike what you have signed up for. This may result in you having to pay more interest than what you are supposed to.

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