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We are the mortgage loan specialist who can help you to manage your loan smartly and wisely.

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Our Vision

Help every family overcome the continuous challenges of BLR/BR fluctuation. To be the first choice for any individual seeking mortgage advice.

What We Do

We provide individual and institutional borrowers with safe, reliable mortgage interest saving solutions with our top-notch quality advisory service.

Our Mission

Creating awareness on the impact of BLR / BR fluctuation on interest payable and loan tenure. Providing professional financial advice in our clients best interest.

Common Problems  

1. Stagnant / increased outstanding balance.

2. Paid huge amount to the interest portion.

3. Wish to pay off mortgage loan faster by paying lump sum.

4. Not aware how much is paid to the interest portion.

5. Not aware of how BLR/ BR fluctuations affect your loan package.

6. Not aware of the importance of mortgage loan proper management.


  Our Solutions

Loan Analysis

Evaluation on your mortgage loan package, analysing possible hidden risk.

1-to-1 Consultation

We take every clients case seriously & advice them accordingly.


We help clients optimize their mortgage loan by saving 30% - 75% on interest & shorten the tenure with 99% accuracy.

About us  

FIS Advisory Sdn Bhd comprises a team of Professional Mortgage Consultants whose mission is to help property owners overcome the biggest challenge – Fluctuating Interest Rates.

Established since 2014, FIS Advisory Sdn Bhd has worked together with many of the most successful individuals and institutions in Malaysia.

At FIS Advisory Sdn Bhd, we will help you make smart decisions about managing your mortgage loan interest. The financial program we develop for you is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, secure your family’s future and financial needs

  Founder, Joanna

Principal & the Managing Director of FIS Advisory Sdn Bhd.

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Types of Properties That We Covered

Residential Properties



– FIS: Future Interest Solution

– Reduce mortgage loan interest & tenure by 30 – 75%

– Results can be seen in 30 days (verified outstanding balance with financial institution)

– Most submitted cases can be accepted depending on T & C signed. Please submit necessary documents to determine. 

– If report shows saving can be achieved is low, we will advice you and wouldn’t recommend using our service. 

– Loan calculator solves the calculation for your loan, initial input inaccurate may produces incorrect outcome as well.

– Bank interest rate that changes all the time, information is less likely to be accurate using initial interest.

– FIS analyses, find out the problem and we provide solution based on the clauses you’ve signed in your loan package, providing more than just calculation.

– Even if there’s a little to save, it’s still money

– Don’t worry, if savings are too low, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it anyway

Our service is customisable, or you may choose to downgrade your package.

– No dealing with financial institutions, it’s about the terms & conditions in the Letter of Offer the client signed.

– No breach of contract. As there’s no changing financial institution & agreement required.

– Some special cases might need additional information from the financial institution, depends on what clauses the clients have signed.

– Necessary documents is required from the client.

– There’s no negotiating, no changing financial institutions, no changing agreements

– Our clients will only have to make monthly repayments according to FIS schedule

– We’ll advise our client what are the steps they need to do upon client agreed to proceed with FIS ledger

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  Did You Know?

We keep mentioning about 99% accuracy but why is it so important?

  • With 99% accuracy means the outstanding balance we provide will be 99% verified with the outstanding balance from your loan statement  
  • The higher the accuracy, less money is lost to the interest portion, and less likely tenure will be extended
  • We’re maximizing the accuracy in order to achieve highest savings for our clients
  • For example, a 10% inaccuracy could mean a huge lost depending on your loan status